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World bicycle day celebrations -cycling sportives for all levels and hikes through vineyards.
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World bicycle day celebrations -cycling sportives for all levels and hikes through vineyards.

The Association des Frères Serpollet organizes the bicycle festival along with many celebrations.

The "L'Ain-Vin-Cible" cycling sportive from Culoz will allow you to climb the Grand Colombier from Culoz and/or its 3 other faces.
A supply will be offered at the summit by the "Fêlés du Grand Colombier" until noon.

The sportive Vineyards and heritage of Bugey from Culoz are two circuits of 30 and 50 km. 3 refreshments are offered on these circuits, which are easier than the ascent of the Grand Colombier.

A hiking tour of Culoz's vineyards and heritage of about 5km from the bicycle house. The hike will pass in front of several Culoz sites and will have a refreshment at the Bel Air cellar vineyard on the top of Culoz.

Meals in the air-conditioned festival hall for all cyclists with a meal ticket given by the organisation at registration and for the public (€13 for adults and €5 for children).

Preparation of a giant omelette in a large frying pan 1.50m in diameter, it will be made at noon by the World Brotherhood of the Giant Omelette of Saint-AAygulf and sprinkled with truffles by the Bugey truffle growers' union, this omelette will be for charitable purposes.
Sale of the 3 € share will be donated 1 € to each association: La SAPAUDIA and ARC EN CIEL.

The animation of the giant omelette will be accompanied by the opening of the Cuvée du Grand Colombier by Jean-Pierre Falconnier: a 110 L Fut of the White Manicle Cru.

Animations : Culoz Fanfare Battery and Zik Cocktail, Mustangs Country, La Zumba d'Artemare, Old Cars on the 30km and 50km hiking trails and many more.

Open period

Saturday 13 June 2020.


  • Pets welcome

Spoken languages

  • English
  • French

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