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This cycling circuit departing from the port of Massignieu de Rives along the ViaRhôna, crosses the small atypical wine-growing villages of southern Bugey.

The loop follows the Rhône river on the ViaRhôna cycle path at first. It then crosses the Rhône to cross Cressin-Rochefort. It is possible to make a round trip along the path along the north coast of Lake Barterand to admire Gargantua and the Wyvern, legends of Bugey carved in the rock

The circuit then goes around Vongnes, an atypical village with several vaults including the Caveau Bugiste, a real local institution. Le Caveau bugiste includes a museum of wine-growing traditions and a museum of tools for the stone trades, an exhibition hall and offers tours and tastings of its cellar every day of the year.

The return is then made by the beautiful village of Ceyzérieu, under the castle of Grammont (cannot be visited) and the lake of Chavoley before returning by Marignieu and St Champ, then to find the ViaRhôna a little further.

If the circuit includes a low drop and remains very accessible, the course is a little hilly.

Open period

All year round.


  • Drop : 258 m
  • Distance : 29 km
  • Daily duration : 100 mn


  • Level green –very easy


Free access.

Spoken languages

  • French

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