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Lyon > Grand Colombier - 15th stage of the Tour de France 2020

Lyon > Grand Colombier - 15th stage of the Tour de France 2020

The stage 15 of the Tour de France 2020 that should have been held on Sunday July 12 is postponed to Sunday September 13 between Lyon and Grand Colombier.

Initially in July, the stage is postponed to Sunday September 13.

On the eve of the second rest day, the riders will enter Bugey from the South, a stone’s throw from the Glandieu waterfall, before successively passing over the towns of Prémeyzel, Belley, Virieu-le-Grand, Artemare before tackling the brutal slopes of the Grand Colombier and Col de la Biche.

Riders will have a lot to deal with at first the ascent of the Montée de la Selle de Fromentel and its terrible slopes at 22% above Virieu-le-Petit. They will descend to Les Bordèzes in Lochieu, then climb the Col de la Biche from Brénaz. From the top of the difficult Col de la Biche, the Tour will go down to the Rhône river valley in Corbonod, Anglefort and then Culoz, from where the final ascent will ride the sumptuous hairpins of Le Grand Colombier located a few kilometres from the finish line summit.


Waiting for the details from the organizators, this is likely that the riders of the Tour 2020 will ride this route from Lyon to Grand Colombier. (A few details might vary from the actual route).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

– How to get there on that day?

Visit our access and transport page and locate us on a map. For your information, the top of the climb will be closed to cars 10 days prior to the race until the end of the stage, but you will still be able to reach the top on your bike or hiking to the top for the bravest ones. As all 4 roads leading to the top will be closed on the day of the stage (4 hours before the race) we presently do not know if shuttles will be organised to drive you up there.

– Where is the best place to watch the race?

From the 20% above Virieu-le-Petit, to the Col de la Biche above Brénaz and the final climb towards the top of Grand Colombier, the best places to see the riders will certainly be in these three climbs. As those who will need more space to enjoy the race in a less crowded area will choose the Col de la Biche, the most ahtletic spectators will stand in the steepest gradients of La Selle de Fromentel and then cycling or hiking up to the top before riders get to the finish (recommended for experienced cyclists and hikers due to the difficulty level). It is also possible to walk or cycle up the mountain from the railway station in Culoz as the last climb is starting within the city (the wonderful hairpins above Culoz are located 5 km from the railway station).

– Can I get to the top by my own means?

On stage day and ten day prior to the race, cars will not be allowed to reach the top. Although it is possible to hike or cycle to get the beautiful view on the summit. Beware that although car parks will be organised, numbers of places will be limited and might include a lot of walking and standing several hours before the race.

– I would like to stay a bit longer and discover the area, are there any accommodation around?

Sure, and plenty of them, although it is recommended to book in advance. You can find all our accommodation on our website.

– Where can I get food in the area?

Here is a list of restaurants located in the area.

– I want to come with my bike, are there any other nice rides in the area?

Yes, many low-traffic roads with very steep or short climbs can be found in the area. There is also the ViaRhôna cycle path, where you can ride your bike along the road on a traffic-free road. If you are more into mountain biking, discover our mountain biking trails in the area. And if you want to get the best experience of the Grand Colombier, the road is closed for cars one day every month so you can enjoy the ride up in a fun and safe atmosphere during the car-free days of the Grand Colombier!

– What can I do with my children in the area during my stay?

From visiting stunning waterfalls to water activities, many things can be done and discovered in Bugey. Get in touch with us so we can advise you the most suitable activities for your family.

– Are there any nice hikes around here?

If you want to see beautiful point of views, wonderful water spots, from easy walks to demanding hikes there are plenty of hikes all over Bugey.

– What are the most beautiful places around?

Apart from the view from the top of the Grand Colombier, numerous scenic places can be found in the area. The waterfalls of Glandieu, Clairefontaine, the Sugarloaf (Pain de sucre) and Cerveyrieu are only a few of many stunning sceneries.

Is it possible to swim in the area ?

Yes, here you can find all the lakes where you can cool down on a hot summer day.

Where can I buy some wine ?

Many cellars can be visited in the area, reknown for its sparkling, red and white wine, Bugey is a special place to grow vineyards. If your plan is to see the Tour in Culoz, wine tasting can be done at the Domaine de Bel Air located above the city right next to the race circuit.

Any other question? Any questions in other languages such as German, Italian, Spanish, Russian?

Do not hesitate to reach us at contact@bugeysud-tourisme.fr or +33 (0)4 79 81 29 06.

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