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ViaRhona cycle route

ViaRhona cycle route

ViaRhôna, cycling in all safety.
Whether you are riding the whole way from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean sea, or only cycling a small part of it, let yourself go along the river flow.

More than 50 km of ViaRhôna cycling path in Bugey

In Bugey Sud, between Ain, Savoie, Isère and Haute-Savoie, there are more than 50 km to cycle, walk or to rollerblade on a safe road, discovering the landscapes on the shores of the Rhône river.
  • Part of Eurovelo 17, the ViaRhôna cycle route links Lake Geneva and the Mediterranean sea on 850 km. Currently close to being clompleted, the path is mainly composed of cycling path and shared roads.
  • The path is easily accessible, many parking lots are located along the way. 
  • The ViaRhôna is particularly flat and its safe roads composed of bike paths is particularly adapted for families and children.
  • Picnic tables along the way allow to take breaks on the shores of the river to relax, eat and enjoy the view.
  • Different sites can be visited close to the ViaRhona.

Download the 2020 ViaRhôna map:


Different points of interest near the ViaRhôna :

Bridge Virignin – La Balme :

The bridge between La Balme and Virignin is now open.

Passerelle ViaRhôna Virignin – La Balme © Département de la Savoie


For your information:

  • July 26 to October 8: Groslée bridge will be closed due to roadworks.
    Detour is possible via the Pont d’Evieu on the D33 road then via Brangues before returning to the cycling path right before the Pont de Groslée on the southern side of the river Rhone. Follow the purple route on the map below.

Follow the last information about cycling in Bugey on the Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/bugeyvelo01/

ViaRhôna © CC Bugey Sud – Laurent Madelon