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Very easy cycling routes

Very easy cycling routes

Whether you ride alone or with your family, these short and flat routes avoid busy roads as much as possible.


Our selection of very easy cycling routes.

4 results


Cycling route : L'ecluse

33 km long along the ViaRhôna cycle path and the Rhône river. To discover along the route : Belley - Bugey's capital, the wineyards town of Massignie...

04 79 81 29 06


Cycling route : les balcons du vieux Rhône

Starting from Massignieu-de-Rives, discover an easy cycling route on tiny roads on the balcony above the old Rhône through wineyards and authentic vil...

04 79 81 29 06


Cyclo route : along the water

Along the Rhône, this easy route will make you discover the villages of Brégnier-Cordon, Saint-Benoît and Groslée and Lones' pathway.

04 79 81 29 06

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